Hybrid Auto Repair

Hybrid or electric vehicles

At ProAuto, we help keep your hybrid or electric vehicle running smoothly & eco-friendly. We have the expertise & parts needed to get your hybrid or electric vehicle back on the road in no time. You don’t have to go to the dealer & get stuck with their high fees & long delays.  At ProAuto, we have highly trained ASE certified technicians with expertise in every area that makes your hybrid or EV different from everyday vehicles, such as electric drivetrain components & regenerative braking systems.

Your hybrid car’s electric motor allows it to save gas when driving around in stop and go traffic. Accelerating your electric or hybrid vehicle can strain your engine much more than cruising along at a steady pace. This is where the torque of an electric motor comes into the hybrid drive system, and where your gas savings come from. At ProAuto, our hybrid repair technicians are trained to keep your hybrid vehicle running as efficiently as possible by making sure the electric motors in your hybrid or EV are in optimal working condition. We provide diagnostic testing, repairs & preventative maintenance to make sure your hybrid or EV remains at its high performance.

Without your vehicle’s battery and charging systems, those fuel-saving electric motors will have no power to turn. The specialized batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles are very expensive, so they should be serviced by technicians that have expert training in the field. At ProAuto, we have ASE Certified Technicians, fully trained across all major manufacturers’ power systems.  We will service your vehicle’s battery & charging systems and for your vehicle’s electric motors, we can diagnose & repair issues, as well as installing quality replacement auto parts.

The capacity for regenerative braking is a great feature of your hybrid or EV. This kind of braking allows the electric motor into reverse, assisting the mechanical brake pads & slowing the vehicle while generating electricity to charge the battery. A beneficial side effect of this system is the longevity that drivers see in the life of their brake system. At ProAuto, we can service your vehicle’s brake pads to ensure the pads last a long time, saving you money! . When it is time to replace the brake pads of your Hybrid & EV vehicle, then schedule your appointment with ProAuto in Morton Grove today!

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